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The Interior Engineering

Qualified and Especialized Proffessionals

Unique, assertive and humanized projects through applied neuroscience



Todos os tipos de edifícios em
projeto químico ou de trabalho



O Studio fornece uma gama completa
de modelagem de interiores 3D



Desenvolvimento do design perfeito
do projeto



Fornecemos planejamento 2D
para ótima visualização


What people say about us

“Even though physically distant and during the pandemic peek, L/Normand was able to assist and guide me so that I could renew my apartment in Madrid"
Camila C.
“It was a challenging project to adapt a small room for three brothers of different ages and L/Normand managed to achieve this goal, leaving the room ambience welcoming and functional.”
Ana Paula O
“L/Normand elaborated a dynamic, custom and unique project that reflected exactly the new horizon that our company was hopping to achieve.’ – MJP Controller.”
MJP Controller

Frequently Asked Questions

While the work of the interior designer involves a series of technical rules to follow when projecting, the decorator has only an aesthetic goal to achieve.

A great project turns good ideas into reality. By hiring an interior designer, the client will be able to count with the experience of this type of professional to carry on with a well-planned, more economical and stress-free renovation, without wasting time and material and which will add great value to your property.

You will receive all the necessary support to meet your desires and needs, including the specifications for sofas, rugs, cushions, colors, textures, among others, as well as 3D images to facilitate your understanding and the final result visualization.

Sure! Whether through a complete project or through our consultancy services, we will help you choose the best possible sofa, respecting the style of your living room and your budget.

It is the combination of the neuroscience and the architecture and by adopting this unique approach, it is possible to promote changes in a physical space in order to improve significantly the quality of life, whether in a residential or corporate environment, with focusing in the impact of these changes on peoples’ lives.

The Biophilic Design is a different design approach that makes it possible to reconnect people with the natural environment, developing healthier and more productive spaces.

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